My Vision for the Office

The City Attorneys office is in disrepair. I have a vision to fix the issues which have plagued this office for too long.

Cory's Top Priorities

As City Attorney, I will have three priorities.  Here they are, each one as important as the others:

Stand Up for Taxpayers

I will make the City Attorney’s Office the first source for accurate legal information rather than a secret, back-room policy shop, and I will stop the abuse of the Office by lobbyists and special interests out to frustrate the will of the voters and the City Council majority.

Stop Government Secrecy

I will make transparency, accountability, and legal accuracy the overarching goal for everything the City Attorney’s Office does.

Sound Legal Advice

I will prepare the City Council's members to pursue their policy priorities, and assist the Mayor to implement those policies, without inviting litigation.

Everything else I do as the City Attorney will be guided by these three priorities.

Cory Briggs for City Attorney 2020 is a campaign about getting politics out of the City Attorney’s Office and reforming it to function as a law firm that does nothing more than provide top-notch legal advice to the Mayor and City Council as they work to serve their constituents.

What would a non-political City Attorney’s Office look like? 

Open Government

No more attempts to gut the California Public Records Act and prevent the public from getting information from government.  (Yes, incumbent City Attorney Mara Elliott did that.)

Protecting Children

No more leaks of child-abuse complaints to tip off campaign donors before law enforcement has a chance to investigate.  (Yes, incumbent City Attorney Mara Elliott did that.)

Representing Voters

No more lawsuits against voters to prevent them from weighing in on decisions like the future of the Qualcomm Stadium site in Mission Valley.  (Yes, incumbent City Attorney Mara Elliott did that.)


No more assigning a Deputy City Attorney to defend litigation against the City by the Deputy City Attorney's own labor union.  (Yes, incumbent City Attorney Mara Elliot did that.)

No Playing Politics

The City Attorney would not be soliciting political endorsements from labor unions while they are suing the City.  (Yes, incumbent City Attorney Mara Elliott sought -- and received -- the endorsement of multiple unions suing the City during the litigation to have voter-approved pension reform, Proposition B, invalidated in court.)

These egregious lapses of professional judgment all stem from incumbent City Attorney Mara Elliott putting politics before public service.  None of that would have happened if the City Attorney's Office had a competent, experienced, professional lawyer in charge.  

None of that would have happened with Cory Briggs as City Attorney.