Cory's Key Issues

The following are the issues I will tackle when leading the city attorney's office.

From offering the Mayor and City Council sound legal advice, to protecting our neighborhoods from over-development and illegal short-term vacation rentals, and making sure the California Public Records Act is respected, take a look at the key issues to see where I stand.

Protecting Voters

The City Attorney’s Office should defend the will of the voters and protect their right to vote on new measures. I will never betray the voters. 

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Protecting Public Safety

When prosecuting crime, the City Attorney’s job is to enforce the law and ensure that justice is served.

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Protecting Neighborhoods

The City Attorney must defend against state/federal efforts to take land-use and housing decisions away from local planning groups and elected officials; and prosecute illegal short-term vacation rentals.

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Protecting Open Government

Like all public officials, the City Attorney must be fully transparent, always act lawfully, and consistently strive to reinforce (rather than undermine) the public’s trust in government.

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Protecting Taxpayers

I will always give informed, transparent, objective legal advice to the Mayor and City Council and reduce taxpayer risk as much as possible. Furthermore, I will not take a pension from the City.

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Protecting the Environment

I have decades of experience protecting the environment and will use it to help the Mayor and City Council transition the City to using more renewable energy and cutting down on pollution.

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Protecting Children

There is no greater responsibility for any adult -- whether a public official or not -- than protecting children.

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