Protecting the Environment

I have more than two decades of experience protecting the environment in court. But I'll be the first to admit that I don't know everything. If you want a City Attorney who cares enough about taxpayer and environmental protection to ask for help on really tough topics, I’m the best choice.

If you want a City Attorney with a track record of sticking up for the environment and protecting taxpayers in the process, I’m the best choice. 

Whether as the City’s top law-enforcement officer or as the top legal advisor to the Mayor and City Council, the City Attorney plays an important role in helping the City transition to using more renewable energy and cutting down on pollution.  I have a long history of protecting public health and the environment: everything from standing up for Marines when they were ordered to train in sewage-contaminated rivers, to forcing the County to adopt realistic and legally enforceable measures to reduce carbon emissions. 

As City Attorney, I would prioritize the following environmental issues: 

  • Negotiating the new electricity franchise agreement to ensure that it achieves the goals of the City’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) and protects taxpayers.
  • Overseeing legal aspects of the City’s implementation of Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) to ensure that it achieves the goals of the CAP and protects taxpayers.
  • Monitoring legal aspects of SANDAG’s development of an updated Regional Transportation Plan to ensure that the City’s interests are protected.
  • Establishing an environmental task force to prosecute polluters.

For most lawyers, the first two issues -- negotiating a new electricity franchise and implementing CCA -- are once-in-a-lifetime projects, which means few of us have the expertise necessary to competently oversee the legal issues.  I know I don’t have the expertise on those issues to fully protect the City and taxpayers and would therefore advise the Mayor and City Council to bring in outside experts to assist.

So far incumbent City Attorney Mara Elliott has not hired experts to help her with these matters.  That means the City is at serious risk of getting more bad legal advice, to the detriment of the environment and taxpayers.