The City of San Diego Gave General Electric a Massive Surveillance Contract.

  • Contract Allows GE to Monitor San Diegans, and sell ALL Data Collected
  • Cameras are outside Schools, Churches, Hospitals, and public streets. Check out the Map Below!
  • San Diego Should Never let a Private Company Profit From Your Loss of Privacy!

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Check out the Camera Map!

You're being tracked:

Use the map below to locate "smart streetlights" in your neighborhood.

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Dear Mayor, City Council, and City Attorney:

WHEREAS on January 17, 2019, the San Diego City Council approved a contract with General Electric to install “Smart Streetlights” that provide standard street illumination and are also equipped with cameras, microphones, and other surveillance devices throughout San Diego; and

WHEREAS more than 3,200 Smart Streetlights around the City of San Diego have now been equipped with surveillance devices that the ACLU has described as “[a] web of surveillance technology”; and

WHEREAS these surveillance devices are located throughout the City, including near schools, houses of worship, parks, and residential neighborhoods; and

WHEREAS the government should not be conducting surveillance of residents without pre-established policies and procedures that reflect best practices, adopted by the Mayor and City Council only after full disclosure of the nature and potential uses of the surveillance data and after public input has been received, and that allow for adequate public oversight of how the data are collected, stored, and used by the government; and

WHEREAS the private sector, including General Electric, should never be given access or any other rights to surveillance data of the City’s residents without the express written permission of each person being surveilled, including parents in the case of children whose data are captured by the surveillance devices; and

WHEREAS the contract gives General Electric the unrestricted right to use, sell, manipulate, and otherwise profit from all surveillance data collected by the devices, without any public input, oversight, or other protections for civil rights, privacy, and public safety; and

THEREFORE, the undersigned asks the Mayor, the City Council, and the City Attorney to immediately take any and all measures necessary not only to halt the installation of additional surveillance devices, but to end all access to the surveillance data by General Electric and any other private individual or business.


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