Geneviéve Jones-Wright Attorney, Community Leader and Advocate Supports Cory Briggs for City Attorney 2020

Blog Post
August 27, 2019

Former Public Defender Geneviéve Jones-Wright is supporting Cory Briggs for City Attorney 2020.

Watch Here.

In her video, Jones-Wright said of Briggs, "There's no room for politics in the City of San Diego City Attorney's office because the City Attorney is supposed to make decisions that are in the best interest of the people, and that is not happening right now. We need Cory Briggs because he will do just that, act in the best interest of the people," Jones-Wright continued, "right now we have a lot of bad advice, a lot of misjudgments, bad calls from the City Attorney and this can and will change when we elect Cory Briggs as San Diego's City Attorney."

Jones-Wright recently founded, Motivation in Action, a criminal justice reform speaker series called Transformational Tuesdays. In a partnership with the local advocacy group San Diegans for Criminal Justice Reform, weekly community discussions with advocates, community leaders and academic experts will focus on ideas for reforming the criminal justice system.