For city attorney

Cory Briggs: the taxpayer's advocate.

If you believe in government transparency and holding elected officials accountable --

If you believe in protecting the City’s legal position on every issue --

And most importantly, if you believe the City's top lawyer should be fighting for taxpayers, not insiders --

Then join our campaign to elect Cory Briggs as the next City Attorney for San Diego.

Your privacy is being sold to Wall Street! Sign the petition to demand that City Officials stop it.

Did you know that the City's "smart streetlight" program gives General Electric the unrestricted right to use, sell, manipulate, and otherwise profit from all data collected by surveillance devices installed on the streetlights?

Sign the petition to demand that City Officials take immediate steps to end access to the surveillance data by General Electric and any other private individual or business.

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Why I’m Running

As someone who has spent nearly two decades fighting special interests at City Hall, I believe now's the time to bring my training, experience, and taxpayers-first approach to the City Attorney’s Office.

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Protecting Neighborhoods

The City Attorney must defend the City against efforts by state and federal politicians to take land-use and housing decisions away from the Mayor, City Council, and Community Planning Groups.

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Protecting Open Government

Like all public officials, the City Attorney must be fully transparent, always act lawfully, and consistently strive to reinforce (rather than undermine) the public’s trust in government.

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Protecting Taxpayers

I will always give informed, transparent, objective legal advice to the Mayor and City Council and reduce taxpayer risk as much as possible. Furthermore, I will not take a pension from the City.

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Protecting the Environment

I have decades of experience protecting the environment and will use it to help the Mayor and City Council transition the City to using more renewable energy and cutting down on pollution.

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About Cory Briggs

Since starting Briggs Law Corporation in 2002, I have been been fighting for San Diego taxpayers -- working hard to protect their interests against the insider power brokers who’ve dominated City Hall for decades.

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