ALERT: How Mara Elliott Protects Her $1.6 Million Illegal Pension

For city attorney

Cory Briggs: the taxpayer's advocate.

If you want more government transparency --
If you want to hold elected officials accountable --
If you want a lawyer rather than a politician leading the City Attorney's office --
And if you think that the mass surveillance of San Diegans is unconstitutional --

Then JOIN OUR CAMPAIGN to elect Cory Briggs as our next City Attorney for San Diego

City Attorney Mara Elliott Approved the Country's Largest Mass Surveillance Operation

Your private data has been given to General Electric in perpetuity with NO OVERSIGHT!

Of course I support the Public Safety aspects of this program, with proper oversight, transparency, and community input.  But the City shouldn't be in the business of enabling big-data companies to profit off our privacy.

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Mara's Pension Problem

Mara Elliott has the highest pension cost of any city official, even though she makes less and has served less time than others. Here's why... *Spoiler Alert: it's illegal.*


Mara's Misconduct

Our Mayor and City Council are consistently getting bad legal advice from incumbent City Attorney Mara Elliott, which puts the City and taxpayers at risk for costly mistakes.

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Why I’m Running

As someone who has spent nearly two decades fighting special interests at City Hall, I believe now's the time to bring my training, experience, and taxpayers-first approach to the City Attorney’s Office.

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Protecting Neighborhoods

The City Attorney must defend against state/federal efforts to take land-use and housing decisions away from local planning groups and elected officials; and prosecute illegal short-term vacation rentals.

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Protecting Open Government

Like all public officials, the City Attorney must be fully transparent, always act lawfully, and consistently strive to reinforce (rather than undermine) the public’s trust in government.

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Protecting Taxpayers

I will always give informed, transparent, objective legal advice to the Mayor and City Council and reduce taxpayer risk as much as possible. Furthermore, I will not take a pension from the City.

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Protecting the Environment

I have decades of experience protecting the environment and will use it to help the Mayor and City Council transition the City to using more renewable energy and cutting down on pollution.

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About Cory Briggs

Since starting Briggs Law Corporation in 2002, I have been been fighting for San Diego taxpayers -- working hard to protect their interests against the insider power brokers who’ve dominated City Hall for decades.

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